cot (n.1)

"small, light bed," 1630s, from Hindi khat "couch, hammock," from Sanskrit khatva, probably from a Dravidian source (compare Tamil kattil "bedstead"). Sense extended to "canvas hammock bed on shipboard" (by 1769), then "portable bed of canvas or similar material, fastened to a light frame, capable of folding up" (1854). Meaning "small bed or crib for a child" is by 1818.

cot (n.2)

"hut, peasant's cottage, small house," a variant of cote (see cottage).

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Definitions of cot from WordNet

cot (n.)
a sheath worn to protect a finger;
Synonyms: fingerstall
cot (n.)
baby bed with high sides made of slats;
Synonyms: crib
cot (n.)
a small bed that folds up for storage or transport;
Synonyms: camp bed