correlate (n.)

"the secondary term of a relation, that to which something is related," 1640s, perhaps a back-formation from correlation or from correlate (adj.), from a Medieval Latin adjectival use of the Latin past participle.

correlate (v.)

1742, "to be reciprocally related" (intransitive), back-formation from correlation, or else a verbal use of the noun. Transitive sense of "to place in reciprocal relation" is by 1849. Related: Correlated; correlating; correlative.

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Definitions of correlate from WordNet
correlate (v.)
to bear a reciprocal or mutual relation;
Do these facts correlate?
correlate (v.)
bring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation;
I cannot correlate these two pieces of information
correlate (n.)
either of two or more related or complementary variables;
Synonyms: correlative
correlate (adj.)
mutually related;
Synonyms: correlative / correlated