African nation, named for the river that runs through it, which is from a Bantu word meaning "mountains" (i.e., the river that flows from the mountains). As an adjective, Congoese is native English (1797) but has been supplanted by Congolese (1900), from French Congolais.

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Definitions of Congo from WordNet
congo (n.)
black tea grown in China;
Synonyms: congou / congou tea / English breakfast tea
Congo (n.)
a republic in central Africa; achieved independence from Belgium in 1960;
Synonyms: Democratic Republic of the Congo / Zaire / Belgian Congo
Congo (n.)
a major African river (one of the world's longest); flows through Congo into the South Atlantic;
Synonyms: Congo River / Zaire River
Congo (n.)
a republic in west-central Africa; achieved independence from France in 1960;
Synonyms: Republic of the Congo / French Congo