Words related to cone

conic (adj.)

1560s, "pertaining to a cone;" 1610s, "having the form of a cone," from Modern Latin conicus, from Greek konikos "cone-shaped," from konos (see cone).

conifer (n.)

"a plant producing cones, a plant of the order Coniferae" (which includes pine, fir, and cypress trees), 1847, from Latin conifer "cone-bearing, bearing conical fruit," from conus "cone" (see cone) + ferre "to bear, carry" (from PIE root *bher- (1) "to carry").

conus (n.)

1878, "a conical structure or organ," from Latin conus "cone" (see cone). Also the name of the typical genus of the cone-shells.

ice-cream (n.)

1744, earlier iced cream (1680s), "a confection made by congealing variously flavored cream or custard in a vessel surrounded with a freezing-mixture," from ice (n.) + cream (n.). For ice-cream cone (1909), see cone.

pine-cone (n.)

"strobilus of a pine tree," 1690s, from pine (n.) + cone (n.). An earlier word for it was pine nut (Old English pinhnyte); also see pineapple.