clump (n.)

1580s, "lump; cluster or small, close group" (especially of shrubs or trees), from Middle English clompe "a lump" (c. 1300), from a Low German source (such as Dutch klomp "lump, mass," or Middle Low German klumpe "clog, wooden shoe"). Old English had clympre "lump, mass of metal."

clump (v.1)

"to heap or gather in clumps" (transitive), 1824, from clump (n.). Related: Clumped; clumping. Intransitive sense "to form a clump or clumps" is recorded from 1896.

clump (v.2)

"walk heavily and clumsily," 1660s, imitative, or perhaps from the notion of walking in wooden shoes (see clump (n.)). Related: Clumped; clumping.

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Definitions of clump from WordNet
clump (v.)
make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground;
Synonyms: clop / clunk / plunk
clump (v.)
come together as in a cluster or flock;
Synonyms: cluster / constellate / flock
clump (v.)
walk clumsily;
Synonyms: clomp
clump (v.)
gather or cause to gather into a cluster;
Synonyms: bunch / bundle / cluster
clump (n.)
a grouping of a number of similar things;
Synonyms: bunch / cluster / clustering
clump (n.)
a heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects);
Synonyms: thump / thumping / clunk / thud
clump (n.)
a compact mass;
Synonyms: ball / clod / glob / lump / chunk