Words related to clown

clowning (n.)

"playing the clown," 1848, verbal noun from clown (v.).

clownage (n.)

1580s, "function or manners of a stage clown or jester," from clown (n.) + -age. From 1630s as "actions or behavior of a rustic."

clownery (n.)

1580s, "condition or character of a clown; ill-breeding, rudeness of manners," from clown (n.) + -ery. From 1823 as "performance of a comic clown."

clownify (v.)

"make clownish or dull-witted," 1610s, from clown (n.) + -ify. Related: Clownified; clownifying.

clownish (adj.)

1560s, "rustic;" 1580s, "boorish, ungainly, awkward," from clown (n.) + -ish. Meaning "pertaining to or characteristic of a (stage) clown" is perhaps from c. 1600. Related: Clownishly; clownishness.