Words related to cigar

cicada (n.)

popular name of many insects which make a rhythmic chirping or creaking noise, late 14c., from Latin cicada "cicada, tree cricket," not a native Latin word; perhaps a loan-word from a Mediterranean substrate language.

cig (n.)
slang abbreviation of cigarette or cigar, attested from 1889. Elaborated form ciggy attested from 1962.
cigarette (n.)

"small cigar made of finely cut tobacco," rolled up in an envelop of tobacco, corn-husk, or (typically) rice paper, 1835, American English, from French cigarette (by 1824), diminutive of cigare "cigar" (18c.), from Spanish cigarro (see cigar). The Spanish forms cigarito, cigarita also were popular in English mid-19c. Cigarette heart "heart disease caused by smoking" is attested from 1884. Cigarette-lighter is attested from 1884.

cigarillo (n.)
1829, from Spanish cigarillo, diminutive of cigarro (see cigar).