cestus (n.1)

"a girdle," a belt worn around the waist in ancient Greece, 1570s, from Latinized form of Greek kestos, noun use of an adjective meaning "stitched, embroidered," from kentein "to prick," from PIE root *kent- "to prick, jab" (see center (n.)). Especially the magical love-inspiring girdle of Aphrodite/Venus.

cestus (n.2)

kind of weighted leather boxing glove among the Greeks and Romans, 1734, from Latin caestus, which is probably from caedere "to strike" (from PIE root *kae-id- "to strike"), but perhaps the Latin noun is from Greek kestos (see cestus (n.1)) and the thing so called because it was bound around the hand and wrist. 

updated on November 18, 2018