canter (v.)

of horses, "move with a moderate or easy gallop," 1706, from a contraction of canterbury (v.), 1670s, from Canterbury pace (1630s), "easy pace at which pilgrims ride to Canterbury" (q.v.). Related: Cantered; cantering.

canter (n.1)

"moderate or easy gallop," 1755, from canter (v.).

canter (n.2)

c. 1600, "professional beggar," agent noun from cant (v.1). From 1650s as "one who talks religious cant."

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Definitions of canter from WordNet
canter (v.)
ride at a canter;
The men cantered away
canter (v.)
go at a canter, of horses;
canter (v.)
ride at a cantering pace;
He cantered the horse across the meadow
canter (n.)
a smooth three-beat gait; between a trot and a gallop;
Synonyms: lope