canopy (n.)

"suspended covering serving as protection or shelter," late 14c., canope, from Old French conope "bed-curtain" (Modern French canapé), from Medieval Latin canopeum, a dissimilatiion of Latin conopeum "mosquito curtain,"from Greek kōnōpeion "Egyptian couch with mosquito curtains," from kōnōps "mosquito, gnat," which is of unknown origin; perhaps from Egyptian hams (with a hard "h") "gnat" and altered in Greek by folk-etymology, but Beekes says "substrate origin is the only plausible option."

The same word (canape) in French, Spanish, and Portuguese has taken the other part of the Greek sense and now means "sofa, couch." Italian canape is a French loan word.

canopy (v.)

"cover with or as with a canopy," c. 1600, from canopy (n.). Related: Canopied; canopying.

updated on November 03, 2022