Words related to buzz

abuzz (adv.)

"filled with buzzing sound," by 1838, from a- (1) + buzz (n.).

buzz-cut (n.)
by 1973, American English, from buzz (n.), perhaps from the sound of the barber's electric clipper, + cut (n.) in the "haircut" sense.
buzzword (n.)
also buzz word, 1946, from buzz (n.) + word (n.). Noted as Harvard student slang for the key words in a lecture or reading. Perhaps from the use of buzz in the popular counting game.
buzzer (n.)
c. 1600, "buzzing insect," agent noun from buzz (v.). Used 1870s in Britain of steam-powered whistles used to call or dismiss factory workers. In reference to electricity-powered mechanical devices that buzz, from 1882.
buzz-saw (n.)
"circular saw," 1849, American English, from buzz (v.) + saw (n.). So called from the sound it makes when in operation.