bungling (n.)

"clumsy workmanship," 1660s, verbal noun from bungle (v.).

bungling (adj.)

"prone to bungle, clumsy, awkward," 1580s, present-participle adjective from bungle (v.). Related: Bunglingly.

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Definitions of bungling from WordNet

bungling (adj.)
showing lack of skill or aptitude;
a bungling workman
Synonyms: clumsy / fumbling / incompetent
bungling (adj.)
lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands; "could scarcely empty a scuttle of ashes, so handless was the poor creature"- Mary H. Vorse;
a bungling performance
Synonyms: bumbling / butterfingered / ham-fisted / ham-handed / handless / heavy-handed / left-handed