buccaneer (n.)

"piratical rover on the Spanish coast," 1680s; earlier "one who roasts meat on a boucan" (1660s), from French boucanier "a pirate; a curer of wild meats, a user of a boucan," a native grill for roasting meat, from Tupi mukem (rendered in Portuguese as moquem c. 1587): "initial b and m are interchangeable in the Tupi language" [Klein] (the Haitian variant, barbacoa, became barbecue).

Originally used of French settlers working as woodsmen and hunters of wild hogs and cattle in the Spanish West Indies, they became a lawless and piratical set after being driven from their trade by Spanish authorities. Boucan/buccan itself is attested in English from 1610s as a noun, c. 1600 as a verb.

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Definitions of buccaneer
buccaneer (v.)
live like a buccaneer;
buccaneer (n.)
someone who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without having a commission from any sovereign nation;
Synonyms: pirate / sea robber / sea rover