Words related to bronchia

bronchiectasis (n.)

"dilation of the bronchial tubes," 1848, earlier in German, coined in Modern Latin from Greek bronkhia "the bronchial tubes" (see bronchia) + ektasis "a stretching out, extension, dilation," from ek (see ex-) + tasis "a stretching, tension, intensity" (from PIE root *ten- "to stretch").

bronchiole (n.)

"a small bronchial tube," 1849 (in French by 1825), Modern Latin, from diminutive of bronchia "the bronchial tubes" (see bronchia).

bronchitis (n.)

"inflammation of the bronchial membrane," coined in Modern Latin 1808 by Charles Bedham, from bronchia "the bronchial tubes" (see bronchia) + -itis "inflammation."

bronchoscopy (n.)

"examination of the lungs by means of a bronchoscope," 1899, from German bronchoskopie (1898), from Latinized combining form of Greek bronkhia "the bronchial tubes" (see bronchia); also see -scopy.

bronchus (n.)

"either of the two main branches of the trachea" (plural bronchi), 1706, from Latinized form of Greek bronkhos "the wind pipe" (see bronchia).