Words related to book

booklet (n.)
"a small book," 1859, from book (n.) + diminutive ending -let.
bookmaker (n.)
also book-maker, 1510s, "printer and binder of books," from book (n.) + agent noun from make (v.). The wagering sense "professional bettor" is from 1862. Related: Book-making (late 15c., betting sense 1824).
bookmark (n.)
also book-mark, "ribbon or other device placed between the pages of a book to mark a place," 1840, from book (n.) + mark (n.1). Bookmarker is older (1838). As a verb, by 1900. Related: Bookmarked; bookmarking.
book-plate (n.)
"label indicating ownership, pasted in or on a book," 1791, from book (n.) + plate (n.).
bookstore (n.)
also book-store, "shop where books are sold," 1763, from book (n.) + store (n.).
bookworm (n.)
1590s, "person devoted to study;" by 1713 in reference to the larvae of certain insects that eat holes in the bindings and paper of old books; see book (n.) + worm (n.). There is no single species known by this name, which is applied to the larvae of the anobium beetle (woodworm), silverfish, and booklice.
check-book (n.)

also checkbook, cheque-book, "book containing blank checks on a bank," 1872, from check (n.1) in the financial sense + book (n.).

cookbook (n.)

also cook-book, "book containing recipes for cooking," 1809, from cook (n.) + book (n.). Earlier was cookery book (1630s).

copy-book (n.)

"book in which things are written or printed for learners to imitate," 1580s, from copy (v.) + book (n.).

day-book (n.)

also daybook, "book for recording events and transactions of the day," 1570s, from day (n.) + book (n.).

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