blend (v.)

c. 1300, blenden, "to mix in such a way as to become inextinguishable, mingle, stir up a liquid," in northern writers, from or akin to rare Old English blandan "to mix" (Mercian blondan) or Old Norse blanda "to mix," or a combination of the two; from Proto-Germanic *blandan "to mix," which comes via a notion of "to make cloudy" from an extended Germanic form of the PIE root *bhel- (1) "to shine, flash, burn."

Compare Old Saxon and Old High German blantan, Gothic blandan, Middle High German blenden "to mix;" German Blendling "bastard, mongrel," and, outside Germanic, Lithuanian blandus "troubled, turbid, thick;" Old Church Slavonic blesti "to go astray." Figurative sense of "mingle closely" is from early 14c. Related: Blended; blending.

blend (n.)

"mixture formed by blending," 1860, from blend (v.).

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Definitions of blend from WordNet
blend (v.)
combine into one;
blend the nuts and raisins together
he blends in with the crowd
Synonyms: intermix / immingle / intermingle
blend (v.)
blend or harmonize;
This flavor will blend with those in your dish
Synonyms: go / blend in
blend (v.)
mix together different elements;
The colors blend well
Synonyms: flux / mix / conflate / commingle / immix / fuse / coalesce / meld / combine / merge
blend (n.)
an occurrence of thorough mixing;
blend (n.)
a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings;
`smog' is a blend of `smoke' and `fog'
Synonyms: portmanteau word / portmanteau
blend (n.)
the act of blending components together thoroughly;
Synonyms: blending