Words related to blast

bhlē-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to blow," possibly a variant of PIE root *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell."

It forms all or part of: afflatus; bladder; blase; blast; blather; blaze (v.2) "make public;" blow (v.1) "move air;" conflate; deflate; flageolet; flatulent; flatus; flavor; inflate; inflation; insufflation; isinglass; souffle.
blasted (adj.)
"stricken by malignant forces (natural or supernatural), cursed, blighted," 1550s, from blast (v.), with the notion of "balefully breathed upon." In the sense of "cursed, damned" it is a euphemism attested from 1680s. Meaning "drunk or stoned" dates from 1972, perhaps from the condition of one so affected, but blast (v.) "smoke marijuana" is attested from 1959.
blast-off (n.)
"initial burst of energy that launches a rocket into space," 1950, from blast (v.) + off (adv.).
sand-blast (v.)
1878 (implied in sand-blasted), from sand (n.) + blast (v.). Related: Sand-blasting.