blanch (v.1)

c. 1400, transitive, "to make white, cause to turn pale," from Old French blanchir "to whiten, wash," from blanc "white" (11c.; see blank (adj.)). In early use also "to whitewash" a building, "to remove the hull of (almonds, etc.) by soaking." Intransitive sense of "to turn white" is from 1768. Related: Blanched; blanching.

blanch (v.2)

"to start back, shrink, turn aside," 1570s, variant of blench (q.v.). Related: Blanched; blanching.

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Definitions of blanch from WordNet

blanch (v.)
turn pale, as if in fear;
Synonyms: pale / blench
blanch (v.)
cook (vegetables) briefly;
Synonyms: parboil