binge (n.)

1854, "drinking bout," also (v.) "drink heavily, soak up alcohol;" dialectal use of binge "soak" (a wooden vessel). Said to have been originally as a dialect word: Binge is noted in Evans' "Leicestershire Words, Phrases and Proverbs" (London, 1848) as a dialect verb for "To soak in water a wooden vessel, that would otherwise leak," to make the wood swell. He adds that it was extended locally to excessive drinking ("soaking"). Sense extended c. World War I to include eating as well as drinking. Binge-watching is from 1996. Related: Binged; bingeing.

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Definitions of binge from WordNet
binge (n.)
any act of immoderate indulgence;
an emotional binge
Synonyms: orgy / splurge
binge (n.)
an occasion for excessive eating or drinking;
Synonyms: bust / tear / bout
binge (v.)
overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself;
The kids binged on ice cream
Synonyms: gorge / ingurgitate / overindulge / glut / englut / stuff / engorge / overgorge / overeat / gormandize / gormandise / gourmandize / pig out / satiate / scarf out