bevel (adj.)

1560s, "having equal alternate angles;" c. 1600, "sloping from the horizontal or vertical," possibly from Old French *baivel (Modern French béveau, biveau), which is perhaps from bayer "to gape, yawn," from Latin *batare "to yawn, gape," possibly imitative of yawning. But if so, the time gap is puzzling.

As a noun from 1610s, "tool or instrument for drawing angles and adjusting abutting surfaces;" 1670s as "an angle between adjacent sides." The verb, "to reduce to a sloping edge," is first recorded 1670s. Related: Bevelled; bevelling.

updated on October 14, 2021

Definitions of bevel from WordNet
bevel (n.)
two surfaces meeting at an angle different from 90 degrees;
Synonyms: cant / chamfer
bevel (n.)
a hand tool consisting of two rules that are hinged together so you can draw or measure angles of any size;
Synonyms: bevel square
bevel (v.)
cut a bevel on; shape to a bevel;
bevel the surface
Synonyms: chamfer
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