Words related to benthos

batholith (n.)

1899, from German batholith (1892), coined by German geologist Eduard Suess from Greek bathos "depth" (see benthos) + -lith "stone."

bathos (n.)
"ludicrous anticlimax, a descent from the sublime to the ridiculous," 1727, from Greek bathos "depth," which is related to bathys "deep" (see benthos). The word was introduced in this sense by Pope.
bathukolpian (adj.)
also bathycolpian, etc., "big-breasted," 1825, from Greek bathykolpos "with full breasts," literally "deep-bosomed," from bathys "deep" (see benthos) + kolpos "breast" (see gulf (n.)). With -ian.
bathyscaphe (n.)

"diving apparatus for reaching great depths," 1947, a name coined by its inventor, Swiss "scientific extremist" Prof. Auguste Piccard, from Greek bathys "deep" (see benthos) + skaphē "light boat, skiff" (see scaphoid).

neritic (adj.)

"pertaining to or inhabiting water bordering coasts, down to 100 fathoms," 1891, from German neritisch (Haeckel, 1890), perhaps from Nerita, a genus of mollusks, from Greek nēritēs "sea-mussel," from Nērus, the sea-god (see Nereid). Compare benthos.