Words related to bean

bean bag (n.)
also bean-bag, "bag filled with beans," 1871 as an object in children's games, 1969 in reference to a type of chair. From bean (n.) + bag (n.).
beanery (n.)
"cheap restaurant," 1884, American English, from bean (n.) + -ery.
beanie (n.)
"small, close-fitting hat," 1940, from bean (n.) in the slang sense of "head" + -ie.
beano (n.)
1888, colloquial shortening of beanfest "annual dinner given by employers for their workers" (1805); they had a reputation for rowdiness. From bean (n.) + fest (n.).
beanpole (n.)
also bean-pole, "stick for a bean plant to grow round," 1791, from bean (n.) + pole (n.1). As "very thin person," 1837.
bean-stalk (n.)
also beanstalk, "stem of a bean plant," 1800 (in the story of Jack and the giant), from bean (n.) + stalk (n.).
butter-bean (n.)
1819, so called for its color, from butter (n.) + bean (n.).
Fabian (n.)

"socialist," 1884, from Fabian Society, founded in Britain 1884, named for Quintus Fabius Maximus (surnamed Cunctator "the Delayer"), the cautious tactician who opposed Hannibal in the Second Punic War. The Fabians chose the name to draw a distinction between their slow-going tactics and those of anarchists and communists. The Latin gens name possibly is from faba "a bean" (see bean (n.)).

fava (n.)

type of bean, "broad bean," 1896, from Italian fava, from Latin faba "bean" (see bean (n.)).

jellybean (n.)

"small bean-shaped sugar candy with a firm shell and a thick gel interior," 1905, from jelly (n.) + bean (n.). So called for its shape. Soon used in U.S. slang for "stupid person," probably encouraged by the slang sense of bean as "head."