beadle (n.)

Old English bydel "herald, messenger from an authority, preacher," from Proto-Germanic *budilaz "herald" (source also of Dutch beul, Old High German butil, German Büttel "herald"), from PIE root *bheudh- "be aware, make aware."

Related to Old English beodan "to proclaim" (see bid (v.)). Sense of "warrant officer, tipstaff" was in late Old English; that of "petty parish officer," which has given the job a bad reputation, is from 1590s. French bédeau (Old French bedel, 12c.), Spanish bedel, Italian bidello are Germanic loan-words.

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Definitions of beadle from WordNet
beadle (n.)
a minor parish official who serves a ceremonial function;
Beadle (n.)
United States biologist who discovered how hereditary characteristics are transmitted by genes (1903-1989);
Synonyms: George Beadle / George Wells Beadle