Words related to bang

banger (n.)

1650s, "anything which bangs," in any sense, agent noun from bang (v.). British English slang for "a sausage," by 1919, perhaps is from a sense of "a bludgeon," though this is recorded only in U.S. slang. Bangster was a 17c. word for "muscular bully."

bangs (n.)

"hair cut straight across so as to form a fringe over the forehead," 1878 (in singular, bang), American English, attested from 1832 of horses (bang-tail), perhaps from notion of abruptness (as in bang off "immediately, without delay," though this expression is attested only from 1886). See bang.

gang-bang (n.)

1953, "group sex" (especially many men on one woman or girl, regardless of consent), from gang + bang (v.) in its slang, "perform sexual intercourse" sense. Earlier was gang-shag (1927). Sense of "participate in a street gang" is by 1968. Related: Gang-banger; gang-banging.

headbanger (n.)

"devotee of heavy metal music," 1984, from head (n.) + agent noun from bang (v.).

whizbang (n.)

also whiz-bang, whizz-bang, 1915, originally a soldier's name for a type of German artillery shell in World War I, so called by the Allied troops in reference to its characteristic sound. From whizz + bang (v.).