bandy (v.)

1570s, "to strike back and forth, throw to and fro," from French bander, from root of band (n.2). The sense apparently evolved from "join together to oppose," to opposition itself, to "exchanging blows," then metaphorically, to volleying in tennis. Related: Bandied; bandying.

bandy (n.)

Irish ball game, precursor of field hockey, 1690s, played with a curved stick, also called a bandy (1620s), from bandy (v.) "throw to and fro, strike back and forth."

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Definitions of bandy from WordNet
bandy (v.)
toss or strike a ball back and forth;
bandy (v.)
exchange blows;
bandy (v.)
discuss lightly;
Synonyms: kick around
bandy (adj.)
have legs that curve outward at the knees;
Synonyms: bandy-legged / bowed / bowleg / bowlegged