bam (interj.)

imitative of the sound of a hard hit, first recorded 1922 (from 1917 as the sound of an artillery shell bursting). Middle English had a verb bammen "to hit or strike" (late 14c.). A literary work from c. 1450 represents the sound of repeated impact with Lus, bus! las, das!, and Middle English had lushe "a stroke, blow" (c. 1400); lushen "to strike, knock, beat" (c. 1300). Bam also was an old slang shortening of bamboozle (18c.).

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Definitions of bam from WordNet
bam (n.)
a sudden very loud noise;
Synonyms: bang / clap / eruption / blast
Bam (n.)
an ancient city in southeastern Iran; destroyed by an earthquake in 2003;