Words related to axe

adze (n.)
also adz, "cutting tool used for dressing timber, resembling an axe but with a curved blade at a right-angle to the handle," 18c. spelling modification of ads, addes, from Middle English adese, adse, from Old English adesa "adze, hatchet," which is of unknown origin. Adze "has been monosyllabic only since the seventeenth century. The word has no cognates, though it resembles the names of the adz and the hammer in many languages" [Liberman, 2008]. Perhaps somehow related to Old French aisse, Latin ascia "axe" (see axe).
ax (n.)
see axe (n.).
axe-handle (n.)
1800, from axe (n.) + handle (n.).
battle-axe (n.)

also battle-ax, late 14c., weapon of war, from battle (n.) + axe (n.); meaning "formidable woman" is U.S. slang, attested by 1896.

pickaxe (n.)

also pick-axe, "tool used for breaking up and digging ground," especially a pick with a sharp point on one side of the head and a broad blade on the other, early 15c., folk etymology alteration (by influence of axe) of Middle English  picas, pikeis (mid-13c.), via Anglo-French piceis, Old French pocois (11c.) and directly from Medieval Latin picosa "pick," which is related to Latin picus "woodpecker" (see pie (n.2)).