aught (n.1)

"something, anything," late 12c., from Old English awiht "aught, anything, something," literally "e'er a whit," from a- "ever" (from Proto-Germanic *aiwi- "ever," extended form of PIE root *aiw- "vital force, life; long life, eternity") + *wihti "thing, anything whatever" (see wight). In Shakespeare, Milton, and Pope, aught and ought occur indiscriminately. Chaucer used aughtwhere (adv.) "anywhere."

aught (n.2)

"nothing, zero," faulty separation of a naught (see naught). See adder for similar misdivisions.

updated on October 17, 2017

Definitions of aught from WordNet

aught (n.)
a quantity of no importance;
Synonyms: nothing / nil / nix / nada / null / cipher / cypher / goose egg / naught / zero / zilch / zip / zippo
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