apprehensive (adj.)

late 14c., "capable of perceiving, fitted for mental impression," from Medieval Latin apprehensivus, from Latin apprehens-, past-participle stem of apprehendere "take hold of, grasp" physically or mentally (see apprehend). Meaning "fearful of what is to come" is recorded from 1630s, via notion of "capable of grasping with the mind" (c. 1600). Related: Apprehensively; apprehensiveness.

Origin and meaning of apprehensive

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Definitions of apprehensive from WordNet

apprehensive (adj.)
quick to understand; "a kind and apprehensive friend"- Nathaniel Hawthorne;
Synonyms: discerning
apprehensive (adj.)
mentally upset over possible misfortune or danger etc;
felt apprehensive about the consequences
apprehensive about her job
Synonyms: worried
apprehensive (adj.)
in fear or dread of possible evil or harm;
apprehensive for one's life
apprehensive of danger