aphrodisiac (n.)

"preparation or drug which excites sexual desire," 1719, from Latinized form of Greek aphrodisiakos "inducing sexual desire," from Aphrodisios, "sacred to Aphrodite, pertaining to Aphrodite," Greek goddess of love and beauty (see Aphrodite), whose name also meant "sexual pleasure; a temple of Aphrodite." As an adjective from 1775 (earlier was aphrodisical, 1719). Aphrodisian "devoted to sexual love" is attested from 1864.

updated on February 03, 2017

Definitions of aphrodisiac from WordNet
aphrodisiac (n.)
a drug or other agent that stimulates sexual desire;
aphrodisiac (adj.)
stimulating sexual desire;
Synonyms: aphrodisiacal / sexy
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