Words related to anti-

antihistamine (adj.)
1933, from anti- + histamine. From 1957 as a noun.
anti-imperialist (adj.)
1898, American English, in debates about the Spanish-American War, from anti- + imperialist. It was the title of a weekly anti-war publication begun in 1899. Related: Anti-imperialism.
anti-intellectual (adj.)
1821, from anti- + intellectual. As a noun meaning "an anti-intellectual person" from 1913.
anti-macassar (n.)
also antimacassar, 1848, from anti- + macassar oil, supposedly imported from the district of Macassar on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, which was commercially advertised from 1809 as a men's hair tonic "infallible in promoting an abundant growth and in maintaining the early hue and lustre of the HAIR to the extent of human life" [1830]. The cloth was laid to protect chair and sofa fabric from men leaning their oily heads back against it.
Anti-Mason (n.)
by 1928 in reference to a U.S. third political party formed in opposition to elites and for a time powerful in the mid-Atlantic states, from anti- + Mason, in reference to the secret society. Related: Anti-Masonic.
antimatter (n.)

also anti-matter, 1898, from anti- "opposite" + matter (n.).

antimetabole (n.)
"rhetorical figure in which the same words are repeated in reverse order," 1590s, from Greek antimetabole, from anti "opposite" (see anti-) + metabole "turning about" (see metabolism).
anti-militarist (n.)
1894, from anti- + militarist in the political sense. Related: Anti-militaristic.
antimnemonic (adj.)
"injurious to the memory," 1817, from anti- "against, opposite" + mnemonic "aiding the memory."

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