Words related to annals

annual (adj.)
late 14c., "appointed by the year;" c. 1400, ""occurring or done once a year," from Old French annuel "yearly" (12c.) or directly from Medieval Latin annualis "yearly," corresponding to Latin annalis as adjective form of annus "year."

This is reconstructed to be from Proto-Italic *atno- "year" (compare Oscan akno- "year, holiday, time of offering"), from PIE *at-no- "which goes," also "a year" (as "going around"), suffixed form of root *at- "to go" (source also of Sanskrit atati "goes, wanders," atamana- "to travel, wander," atya- "steed, runner"). The root also has Germanic derivatives meaning "a year," such as Gothic aþnam (dative plural) "year."
annal (n.)
rare singular of annals (q.v.).
annalist (n.)
"one who keeps a chronicle of events by year," 1610s, from French annaliste, or from annals + -ist. Related: Annalistic.
annalize (v.)
"record in annals" (rare), 1610s, from annals + -ize. Related: Annalized; annalizing.