Words related to angular

angle (n.)
"space or difference in direction between intersecting lines," late 14c., from Old French angle "an angle, a corner" (12c.) and directly from Latin angulus "an angle, a corner," a diminutive form from PIE root *ang-/*ank- "to bend" (source also of Greek ankylos "bent, crooked," Latin ang(u)ere "to compress in a bend, fold, strangle;" Old Church Slavonic aglu "corner;" Lithuanian anka "loop;" Sanskrit ankah "hook, bent," angam "limb;" Old English ancleo "ankle;" Old High German ango "hook").

Figurative sense "point or direction from which one approaches something" is from 1872. Angle-bracket is 1781 in carpentry; 1956 in typography.
angularity (n.)
"quality of being angular," 1640s; see angular + -ity.
biangular (adj.)
also bi-angular, "having two angles or corners," 1770; see bi- "two" + angular.
equiangular (adj.)
1650s; see equi- + angular. French équiangle is from 16c.