Words related to anaemia

an- (1)
privative prefix, from Greek an-, "not, without," from PIE root *ne- "not"). The Greek prefix is a fuller form of the one represented in English by a- (3).

word-forming element in pathology meaning "condition of the blood," Modern Latin combining form of Greek haima (genitive haimatos) "blood," a word of no established etymology (replacing the usual IE word, represented in Greek by ear; possibly from uncertain PIE root *sei- "to drip" (compare Old High German seim "virgin honey," Welsh hufen), but according to Beekes this proposal "cannot explain the Greek vocalism."

anaemic (adj.)
"affected with anemia, deficient in blood," 1843; see anaemia + -ic. Figurative sense by 1898.
anemia (n.)
"deficiency of blood in a living body," alternative (chiefly U.S.) spelling of anaemia (q.v.); also see æ (1). As a genus of plants, Modern Latin, from Greek aneimon "unclad," from an- "without" (see an- (1)) + eima "a dress, garment" (see wear (v.)).