Words related to age

over-age (adj.)

that is over a certain age," "1886, from over- + age (n.). Related: Over-aged (n.) "those who are too old" (late 15c.).

teenage (adj.)
also teen age, teen-age; 1911, from teen + age (n.). Originally in reference to Sunday School classes. Teen-aged (adj.) is from 1922.
underage (adj.)
also under-age, 1590s, from under + age (n.).
aged (adj.)
mid-15c., "having lived long," mid-15c., past-participle adjective from age (v.). Meaning "having been allowed to get old" (of cheese, etc.) is by 1873. Meaning "of the age of" is from 1630s. Aged Parent is from "Great Expectations" (1860-61). Related: Agedness.
aging (n.)
also ageing, "process of imparting age or the qualities of age to," 1860, verbal noun from age (v.).

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