Uranian (adj.)

"pertaining to the planet Uranus," 1844, from combining form of Uranus + -ian.

uranian (adj.)

"homosexual," 1893, from the reference to Aphrodite in Plato's "Symposium;" Urania "Heavenly" (Greek Ourania; see Uranus) being an epithet of Aphrodite as born of Uranus and also as distinguished from the vulgar Venus of commonplace lust.

But the son of the heavenly Aphrodite is sprung from a mother in whose birth the female has no part, but she is from the male only; this is that love which is of youths only, and the goddess being older has nothing of wantonness. Those who are inspired by this love turn to the male, and delight in him who is the more valiant and intelligent nature; any one may recognize the pure enthusiasts in the very character of their attachments. [B. Jowett, transl., 1874]

Also as a noun, "a homosexual person" (1908). Related uranism "homosexuality" (1893).

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