Words related to Snake

sneak (v.)

1550s (implied in sneakish), perhaps from some dialectal survival of Middle English sniken "to creep, crawl" (c. 1200), related to Old English snican "to sneak along, creep, crawl," from Proto-Germanic *sneikanan, which is related to the root of snake (n.). Of feelings, suspicions, etc., from 1748. Transitive sense, "to partake of surreptitiously" is from 1883. Related: Sneaking. Sneak-thief is recorded by 1859; sneak-preview is from 1938.

sniggler (n.)
1840, in reference to fishing (especially for eels), agent noun from sniggle (v.), which is attested in a sense related to this from 1670s. It is the verbal suffix -le + snig "an eel" (late 15c.), a word of obscure origin but perhaps related to snake (n.) and sneak (v.).

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