Semite (n.)

1847, "a Jew, Arab, Assyrian, or Aramaean" (an apparently isolated use from 1797 refers to the Semitic language group), back-formation from Semitic or else from French Sémite (1845), from Modern Latin Semita, from Late Latin Sem "Shem," one of the three sons of Noah (Genesis x.21-30), regarded as the ancestor of the Semites (in old Bible-based anthropology), from Hebrew Shem. In modern sense said to have been first used by German historian August Schlözer in 1781.

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Definitions of Semite from WordNet
Semite (n.)
a member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Middle East and northern Africa;
Semite (adj.)
of or relating to or characteristic of Semites;
Synonyms: Semitic