Words related to STEAM

steamer (n.)

1814 in the cookery sense, agent noun from steam (v.). From 1825 as "a vessel propelled by steam," hence steamer trunk (1885), one that carries the essentials for a voyage.

steamboat (n.)

1787, from steam + boat (n.).

steampunk (n.)

also steam-punk, by 1992, perhaps 1989, from steam (as in Age of Steam) + punk (n.), probably on model of cyberpunk (1986).

steam-roller (n.)

also steamroller, 1866, from steam (n.) + roller. As a verb, first recorded 1912 (steam-roll (v.) is from 1879). Related: Steam-rollered.

steamship (n.)

also steam-ship, 1819, from steam (n.) + ship (n.).

steam-whistle (n.)

1840, from steam (n.) + whistle (n.).

steamy (adj.)

1640s, "vaporous, misty, abounding in steam," from steam + -y (2); in the sense of "erotic, sexy," it is first recorded 1952. Related: Steamily; steaminess.