Words related to Omni-

omnisexual (adj.)

"pansexual; sexually, romantically, or emotionally attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender," by 1959, from omni- "all, every" + sexual. Earliest application is to Walt Whitman.

omnium gatherum (n.)

1520s, "miscellaneous collection," a humorous mock-Latin coinage from Latin omnium "of all things" (genitive plural of omnis; see omni-) + a feigned Latin form of English gather. Earlier form was omnegadrium (early 15c.), omnigatherum.

omnivorous (adj.)

"eating food of every kind indiscriminately," 1650s, from Latin omnivorus "all-devouring," from omnis "all" (see omni-) + vorare "devour, swallow" (from PIE root *gwora- "food, devouring"). Figurative use by 1791. Related: Omnivorously; omnivorousness.

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