Words related to Fish

sawfish (n.)
also saw-fish, 1660s; see saw (n.1.) + fish (n.).
silverfish (n.)
1703, in reference to various types of silver-colored fish (similar formation in German Silberfisch, Dutch zilvervisch); from silver (adj.) + fish (n.). In reference to a type of household insect damaging to books, wallpaper, etc. (also known as silvertail and furniture-bug), it is attested from 1855.
sunfish (n.)
1620s, from sun (n.) + fish (n.). Used of various species, with reference to round shape or brilliant appearance. Short form sunny is attested from 1835.
swordfish (n.)
late 15c., swerdfysche (in a recipe), from sword + fish (n.). So called for its elongated upper jaw.
whitefish (n.)
collective name for cod, haddock, hake, sole, etc., mid-15c., from white (adj.) + fish (n.).

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