extended (adj.)

mid-15c., "occupying time, made longer," past-participle adjective from extend (v.). Meaning "stretched out" in space is from 1550s; extended-play (adj.), in reference to recordings (especially 7-inch, 45 rpm vinyl records) is from 1953; in reference to pinball games by 1943. Extended family (n.) in sociology recorded from 1942.

A challenging question was asked RCA engineers and scientists in 1951. How can we increase the playing time of a 7-inch record, without using a larger disc? Sixteen months of research gave the answer, "45 EP"—Extended Play. [Radio Corporation of America magazine advertisement, May 1953]

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Definitions of extended from WordNet

extended (adj.)
relatively long in duration; tediously protracted;
an extended discussion
Synonyms: drawn-out / lengthy / prolonged / protracted
extended (adj.)
fully extended or stretched forth;
his extended legs reached almost across the small room
an extended telescope
refused to accept the extended hand
extended (adj.)
drawn out or made longer spatially;
the extended airport runways can accommodate larger planes
Synonyms: elongated / lengthened / prolonged
extended (adj.)
beyond the literal or primary sense;
`hot off the press' shows an extended sense of `hot'
extended (adj.)
large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity;
surgeons with extended experience
extended farm lands
Synonyms: extensive