Anatolian goddess, Latinized form of Greek Kybelē, an earth-goddess identified by the Greek with their Rhea, daughter of Uranus and Ge, wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus. The name is of unknown origin. Beekes writes, "In Old Phrygian, she is called Matar Kubileya or Kubeleya. The exact meaning of the adjective is unknown; does it refer to a mountain? The goddess originated in Karkhemish, around 1200, where she was called Kubaba. ... Her Lydian name was Kuvava. From Locri Epizephyrii we have her name as Qubalas."

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Definitions of Cybele

Cybele (n.)
great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor; counterpart of Greek Rhea and Roman Ops;
Synonyms: Dindymene / Great Mother / Magna Mater / Mater Turrita