Words related to Book

songbook (n.)
Old English sangboc "church service book;" see song (n.) + book (n.). Meaning "collection of songs bound in a book" is from late 15c.
story-book (n.)
1711, from story (n.1) + book (n.). As an adjective from 1844.
textbook (n.)
also text-book, "book used by students," 1779, from text (n.) + book (n.). Earlier (1730) it meant "book printed with wide spaces between the lines" for notes or translation (such a book would have been used by students), from the notion of the text of a book being more open than the close notes. As an adjective from 1916.
workbook (n.)
1910, from work (n.) + book (n.).
yearbook (n.)
also year-book, 1580s, "book of reports of cases in law-courts for that year," from year + book (n.). Meaning "book of events and statistics of the previous year" is recorded from 1710. Sense of "graduating class album" is attested from 1926, American English.
overbook (v.)

"to sell more tickets than there are seats," by 1861, from over- + book (v.); originally in reference to coaches. Related: Overbooked; overbooking.

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