blamed (adv.)

"confoundedly" 1833, later also as an adjective (1840), from past participle of blame (v.), as a "euphemistic evasion of the horrible word damn." [Bartlett, "Dictionary of Americanisms," 1848].

This adjective 'blamed' is the virtuous oath by which simple people, who are improving their habits, cure themselves of a stronger epithet. [Edward Everett Hale, "If, Yes, and Perhaps," 1868]

Compare also blamenation (1837) as an expletive. The imprecation blame me is attested from 1830.

updated on September 25, 2018

Definitions of blamed from WordNet

blamed (adj.)
expletives used informally as intensifiers;
it's a blamed shame
Synonyms: blasted / blame / blessed / damn / damned / darned / deuced / goddam / goddamn / goddamned / infernal
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