Anti-American (adj.)

also antiamerican, 1773, in reference to British parliamentary policies, from anti- + American. As a noun by 1788. Related: Anti-Americanism "opposition to what is distinctly American" (1844).

The term "anti-American" is a loose one, and loosely employed. My own working definition of it, admittedly a slack one also, is that a person is anti-American if he or she is consistently contemptuous of American culture and furthermore supports any opponent of U.S. policy, whoever this may be. [Christopher Hitchens, review of "The Life of Graham Greene, Vol. II," The Atlantic, March 2005]

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Definitions of Anti-American from WordNet
anti-American (n.)
a person who is opposed to the United States and its policies;
anti-American (adj.)
opposed to the United States and its policies;