Words related to Alp

alpenglow (n.)

rose-colored light on high mountains before dawn or after dusk, 1871, translating German Alpenglühen; see Alp + glow (v.).

alpenhorn (n.)

"long, powerful horn," formerly used to convey messages across valleys, 1864, from German, literally "horn of the Alps;" see Alp + horn (n.).

alpenstock (n.)

"long iron-pointed staff used for hiking in mountains," 1829, German, literally "Alpine stick;" see Alp + stock (n.1).

Alpine (adj.)

"of the Alps," early 15c., from Latin Alpinus; see Alp. Other adjectives were Alpish (1590s), Alpian (c. 1600), Alpsian (c. 1600). With a small a-, "pertaining to very high mountains," 1845.


mountain range in central Europe, late 14c.; see Alp.