Words related to -minded

right-minded (adj.)

"having a mind naturally disposed toward what is right," 1580s, from right (adj.1) + -minded.

simple-minded (adj.)

"lacking intelligence or penetration, unsophisticated," 1744, from simple (adj.) + -minded. Simple (adj.) in a similar sense is from c. 1200. Middle English also had simple-hearted "timid; ingenuous, sincere." Related: Simple-mindedly; simple-mindedness.

single-minded (adj.)

1570s, "sincere, honest, free from duplicity;" see single (adj.) + -minded. The meaning "having a single aim or purpose, unswerving, undeviating" is by 1860.  Related: Single-mindedly; single-mindedness. Single-hearted (1570s) is only in the sense of "having a sincere or honest heart."

spiritual-minded (adj.)

1526 (Tindale), from spiritual (adj.) + -minded. Related: Spiritual-mindedness.

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