Words related to -meter

psychrometer (n.)

"instrument to measure moisture in the atmosphere," 1838, from Latinized form of Greek psykhros "cold" (see psychro-) + -meter. Earlier it was another word for "thermometer" (1749). "Badly employed in current use" [OED]. Related: Psychrometric; psychrometrical; psychrometry.

pycnometer (n.)

"instrument for determining the relative density of solid bodies," by 1858; see pycno- + -meter.

seismometer (n.)
"instrument for measuring the intensity and motion of earthquakes," 1841, from seismo- + -meter. Originally different from a seismograph but now practically the same thing.
spectrometer (n.)
1863, from German Spectrometer (Moritz Meyerstein, 1863); see spectro- + -meter.
speedometer (n.)

1904, from speed + -meter. A Germanic-Greek hybrid and thus much execrated.

[T]he ancient Greeks & Romans knew what speed was, & yet no-one supposes they called it speed, whence it follows that speedo- & speedometer are barbarisms. [Fowler]

The correct classical formation is tachometer.

spirometer (n.)
contrivance for measuring lung capacity, 1846, formed irregularly from Latin spirare "to breathe" (see spirit (n.)) + -meter. Related: Spirometry.
tachometer (n.)
speed-measuring instrument, 1810, coined by inventor, Bryan Donkin, from tacho- "speed" + -meter. Related: Tachometry.
tachymeter (n.)

surveying instrument, 1836, from tachy- "swift" + -meter. Related: Tachymetry.

M. GAETANO CAÏRO has invented an instrument, to which he has given the name of Tachymeter (rapid measurer). Its object is to give the area of plane surfaces bounded by any outline whatever, without the necessity of any arithmetical operation. [Magazine of Popular Science and Journal of the Useful Arts, vol. ii, 1836]
telemeter (n.)
1860, a rangefinder for surveying and artillery, from French télémètre (1852), from télé- "far" (see tele-) + mètre "meter" (see -meter). Used from 1953 for a pay-as-you-watch TV system with a coin box attached to the set. Related: Telemetry.

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