Words related to -meter

gasometer (n.)
1790, from gas (n.1) + -meter. Originally an instrument for measuring gases; as this also involves collecting and storing them, it came also to be used for "a storehouse for gas." Related: Gasometric; gasometry.
goniometer (n.)

instrument for measuring solid angles, 1766, from Greek gōnia "corner, angle" (from PIE root *genu- (1) "knee; angle") + -meter. Related: Goniometry.

gravimeter (n.)
"instrument for measuring the forces of gravity," 1797, from French gravimètre, from gravité (see gravity) + -mètre "measuring device" (see -meter).
hygrometer (n.)
"instrument for measuring atmospheric moisture," 1660s, from French hygromètre, from Greek hygro- "wet, moist; moisture" (see hygro-) + -meter. Related: Hygrometry; hygrometric.
interferometer (n.)
"instrument for measuring the interference of light waves," 1897, a hybrid from interfere + -meter. Compare interferential (1867), coined on the model of differential. Related: Interferometric; interferometry.
manometer (n.)

"instrument for determining and indicating the elastic pressure of gases or vapors," 1730, from French manomètre (1706), said to have been coined by French mathematician Pierre Varignon (1654-1722) from Greek manos "thin, rare; loose in texture, porous; scanty, few" (from PIE root *men- (4) "small, isolated") + -mètre (see -meter). Related: Manometric; manometrical; manometrically.

micrometer (n.)

1660s, from micro- + -meter. Originally a telescope attachment for measuring small angular distances; from 1884 as a craftsman's tool for extreme accuracy in fine measurements. Related: Micrometry; micrometric.

odometer (n.)

"instrument used for measuring the distance passed over by any wheeled vehicle," 1791, from French odomètre (1724), from Greek hodos "a way, path, track, road," a word of uncertain origin (see Exodus), + -meter. First recorded in writings of Thomas Jefferson.

photometer (n.)

"instrument used to measure the intensity of light," 1778, from photo- "light" + -meter "device for measuring." Related: Photometric; photometry (1760).

potentiometer (n.)

"instrument for measuring the difference of electrical potential between two points," 1868, a hybrid formed from combining form of Latin potentia "power" (see potential) + Greek-derived -meter. Related: Potentiometric.

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